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How many times have you heard someone snore and thought nothing of it? Now, if it wasn't the person laying in bed next to you, you may have thought nothing of it. If it was, you more than likely wanted them to cut it out so they would let you sleep. What if I told you that someone can die if they don't treat their snoring? As harsh as that sounds its a fact. There are many easy ways people can treat their snoring. Some solutions include lifestyle changes. There are also anti snoring devices are available for people who just was a simple solution. Regardless of how you attempt to solve the issue, its something that need to get looked at asap. Now the reason snoring happens is because when you lay down the muscles in your through and your tongue relax. This causes you the air way to get smaller and create vibration. The worst part is that while you snore, you might also intermittently be cutting off your breathing. This is super dangerous and can cause a host of other health issue. If you want to learn more about the risks of snoring, there is a great article on science daily about this. Another great place to get learn more is over at the the Zee Snoring YouTube Channel. Word on the street is that they are going to be launching a new series of awareness videos. So if you want to make you don't miss that, I would subscribe to them. By the way that is just what I heard on their Twitter. But overall we really just wanted to take the time to make sure our readers are aware of this very serious health problem. If you know someone who has this problem, don't be afraid to point them to this article or any other article so they can learn more!